Like most of us I wanted to lose weight, look trimmer, feel better about myself but most of all improve my health. When I contacted Sarah, she was warm, welcoming and really listened to me, understanding my needs, my habits and what I wanted to achieve. Her knowledge and passion is both amazing and infectious, this with her positive encouraging and calm manner inspired me to achieve my goals. Sarah supported me throughout and our regular catch ups along with messages to kept me on track, motivated and determined to succeed. I can’t thank Sarah enough and would always ask for help and support in the future!



Cheerleading Life 6 week Course

Just finished my call 6 catch up with Sarah 🙏🏼

Absolutely brilliant overview of our last 6 weeks and OMG the Wonder Woman course in January sounds like a terrific learning opportunity 🤩


Buisness Owner - Workplace Wellbeing

I was enjoying great success in my business, but physically, I was really struggling. I have had an autoimmune condition for years and since turning forty it had really started to affect me. I was overweight, suffering with aches and pains and brain fog, and generally lacked energy. I really missed my previous vibrant self! I knew I had to do something if I was to sustain both my business success and my sanity….read more


Director, Mental Health In The Workplace

Having had several failed attempts over a decade or more to return to the high levels of good health and fitness I had maintained throughout my thirties, I had all but given up. I had started to convince myself that being out of shape, overweight, and having very low energy levels were just part of the ageing process, and at 56, I was no longer in a position to turn anything around. In stepped my husband, however, with the birthday present proposal of a block of coaching sessions with a Fitness & Lifestyle Coach….read more


Head of German, Comprehensive School

I was lacking in motivation for doing any activity and in particular going to a gym and I felt as though I was stuck in a yo yo state with my diet. These habits I’d gotten into weren’t helping me and I found that not being consistent with exercise or healthy eating had resulted in me feeling tired, unfit and not able to get a good nights sleep.

Before meeting Sarah and being introduced to the power principles and subsequently being coached through the power programme, I didn’t know where to start…read more


Business Growth Expert

I knew mentally I was well, but felt that my physical health needed improving. I sit for many hours a day in my role as a psychotherapist and needed a trainer and coach who would help me to reach my full potential and meet my needs.

When I started I weighed heavier than I’ve ever done and at times I felt lethargic. Sarah has been a huge motivation for me and is happy to go at my pace being flexible depending on the day I’ve had and the session I need.

Yet, Sarah is not afraid to challenge or push me – this I feel is the perfect balance…read more



I had quite a poor relationship with my health and fitness, logically knowing I needed to stop a trend of just getting unhealthily bigger and more unfit, but I just couldn’t find a way to commit to consistent effort.

I knew if I wanted to continue to build my business, I needed to be at my best, and yet, just couldn’t find the right activities to even start me off on getting fit and healthy. This then turned into an actual health issue that just was the final sign, I needed to look after myself better…read more


Business Owner, Pyramis Solutions

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