I had quite a poor relationship with my health and fitness, logically knowing I needed to stop a trend of just getting unhealthily bigger and more unfit, but I just couldn’t find a way to commit to consistent effort.

I knew if I wanted to continue to build my business, I needed to be at my best, and yet, just couldn’t find the right activities to even start me off on getting fit and healthy. This then turned into an actual health issue that just was the final sign, I needed to look after myself better.

It has been a big learning curve for me. At the beginning, it was largely looking closely at my food while starting some gym work. Sarah really helped to support the somewhat steep learning process. Once I was fuelling my body more effectively, this is where the fitness and exercise has really made an impact, again learning about the activities and exercises that were going to help me meet my goals. Now the learning curves are a little less steep, we are focusing on building on the strong foundations already set.

Every step of the way, Sarah’s encouragement, support, amazing knowledge & brilliant advice, has been invaluable to me. At this stage, I am fitter, healthier, back to a weight that is more natural for me (of which I haven’t been for a least 10 years) and being consistent with both my food and activities.

I’m not just physically better, I feel far more confident in my own body and feel a better connection to looking after myself. I would say, it has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself, Sarah is very considerate to who I am and how I work, and has totally worked with that. Finding that balance between providing ideas, advice and just pushing me that little out of my comfort zone and getting results I become so proud of. It has been what has helped make the experience so positive, in both the managing of so much change and maintaining the effort to continue to get results. This was never just about a diet, or exercise, it was about a lifestyle and Sarah has supported me to achieve that.

Vicki Lamch

Business Owner, Pyramis Solutions

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