‘Cheerleading Life’

6 week group course 

Does this sound familiar?


Weight gain


Anxiety or Feeling Frazzled


Mood Swings


Poor Quality Sleep


Hot Flashes/Peri & Meno Symptoms


Disordered Eating


No Time to Exercise


Low Energy


Simply Too Busy for Fun

Would you like more energy, more vitality and a clearer picture of how to get it?

Do you want to Feel Energised & Fabulous again?





Have you ever felt you get so far and give up?


You lose weight only to find you’ve put it back on again a month or two later?


You simply feel worn out and can’t get your ‘mojo’ back?

Well, this is exactly what we tackle using the POWER principles. Cheerleading Life is all about energising you and your life, finding what’s missing, why you’re worn out and why you can’t stick to your health and fitness goals. 

Ready to Get Started?

What does ‘Cheerleading Life’ involve?

In order to create the lasting change, ‘once and for all’ giving you the rsults you’re wanting,  we have to look beyond just simply writing down or deciding the goal. This is a process and when actioned alongside the support of an experienced coach & mentor coupled with a community of like-minded women who are all on this new journey together to improve aspects of their lifestyle, it becomes super effective!

Giving you the tips and tools to succeed along with the support to take ACTION! 

Week 1 - Engage your ENERGY

Finding out where your lack of energy is coming from is transformative. 

In this first week, we focus on the strength model elements – BODY BRAIN NUTRITION & NURTURE evaluating where you’re stronger and weaker. 

There will be lots of knowledge to gain across the first two elements; BODY &  BRAIN, how they impact each other and how we can become stronger and feel energised by what we ‘DO’ with our body and brain as we go through the weeks but initially you will be making a start from where you are right now! 


Week 2 - Pursue your PURPOSE

Discovering and gaining clarity on your true purpose, your vision for a healthier, fitter, more energetic ‘you’. 

Enabling you to not only sustain your current level of success in work and life, but more importantly, giving you the desire and plan; by working through the POWER process to explode your success in both your business and lifestyle, allowing you to move to the next level – whatever that might mean for you.

Without a purposeful plan, you are simply drifting or following someone else’s lead.

Week 3 - Optimise your OWNERSHIP

Achieving our desired lifestyle goals means we have to consider what commitment we are making. It’s very rarely not knowing what to do that stops us, but rather that we don’t have a strong enough reason and the accountability either to ourself or others.

Understanding your current level of ownership, what that means to your current level of success, and how you can move up the levels in the various aspects of your life and business. Working on the tools you can put in place to give you the accountability you need for success. 

Week 4 - Weed your WEAKNESSES

What’s stopping you? 

We will find what’s holding you back from achieving your goals, what you say to yourself, and what you believe. We will unpick and reframe. 

Getting to the root of why something is happening over and over – where we may go 2 steps forward and one step back – is crucial to making the specific changes that enable you to move 3 steps forward! 


Week 5 - Restore your RESILIENCE

From strength comes resilience. We are far stronger than we realise. We all have it in us to succeed when we have a clear picture, guided support to get started, and the accountability to keep going. 

There will be lots of knowledge to learn from the second two elements; NUTRITION & NURTURE. In this module, we will explore what ‘healthy nutrition’ looks like. How what and when you eat can impact our energy and resilience and what you can do to create a healthy plate.

Nurture is one of the most important aspects of inner energy and one of the first we put to one side when we’re busy; needless to say we’ll be putting together a nurture plan. 

Week 6 - POWER UP

In this module we will be putting it all together, checking in with what works for you and what doesn’t, giving you the confidence to continue on your journey! 

As we move through the programme you’ll already have steps in place, and be taking the action moving you towards your health and fitness goals.

In this module, we evaluate how they’re working out and what needs tweaking. We consider what else is required in order for you to continue to grow and develop your health and wellbeing goals – and what level of accountability you need in order to continue to succeed.

This is it! You can do this... once and for all, make the changes you’ve been desperate to see but recognised you needed the help of a coach and mentor.

Just finished my call 6 catch up with Sarah 🙏🏼

Absolutely brilliant overview of our last 6 weeks and OMG the Wonder Woman course in January sounds like a terrific learning opportunity 😲


Business Owner, Workplace Wellbeing

We will discover what’s holding you back from living out your best lifestyle, and not at the expense of your business, career or family.

Discovering what’s behind your desire for change, your purpose, will fuel your journey of sustainable change.

No more yo-yoing, better mood stability, weight management and energy. Overcoming limiting beliefs, discovering weaknesses and creating new habits, all form part of the plan we create and put into action during our 6 weeks together.  

What you can expect, joining us in ‘Cheerleading Life’ …

Email me to let me know you’d like to join us on the next course at:


Live sessions with Sarah (recording emailed the following morning)  

Hi, I’m Sarah

I’m going to be your coach and mentor during our time together ‘holding your hand’ throughout your journey; while you’re making changes that support your healthier, fitter lifestyle and one that holds your health at the heart of your business, career and family success. 

I’m a wife and mum to 2 teenagers. When I set up my business 15 years ago I had left a job where I was working too many hours in an operational management role, juggling too many actions in my day to take care of myself or to be a great mum or wife.. 

I made sacrifices that I realised had left me feeling worn out and I knew something had to change! I made the decision to update qualifications and take some new ones all within health, nutrition, fitness and mindset and set up SMpower.

I’m passionate about inspiring and empowering other women who are like I was, feeling worn out, overweight, overwhelmed and not sleeping well, women who really want to make changes that would bring about a long term sustainable lifestyle that they choose. Enabling women to put health at the heart of their day.

I can appreciate the challenges you face, there are simple steps we can take together to guide you through ‘the one step at a time’ actions you need to take in your day, that begin to make you feel energised and fabulous again


I was lacking in motivation for doing any activity and in particular going to a gym and I felt as though I was stuck in a yo-yo state with my diet. These habits I’d gotten into weren’t helping me and I found that not being consistent with exercise or healthy eating had resulted in me feeling tired, unfit and not able to get a good night’s sleep.

Before meeting Sarah and being introduced to the power principles and subsequently being coached through the power programme, I didn’t know where to start…read more


Business Owner, Business Buddy

I was enjoying great success in my business, but physically, I was really struggling. I have had an autoimmune condition for years and since turning forty it had really started to affect me. I was overweight, suffering with aches and pains and brain fog, and generally lacked energy. I really missed my previous vibrant self! I knew I had to do something if I was to sustain both my business success and my sanity….read more


Director, Mental Health In The Workplace

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