About Sarah

I believe that true success comes when we have 4 key aspects of life in relative balance, so that each of them serve us, enabling us to be the very best version of ourselves: our strongest self.

I also believe that growth and strength comes from challenging ourselves which is why in 2015, I set myself a personal challenge of competing in a bodybuilding fitness competition, alongside running a business and raising a family.  Using mindset, nutrition and fitness, I took my body to the pinnacle of success, achieving results in the top 3 more than once.  Meanwhile, my business grew and my family flourished.

During this time, I have worked with hundreds of people in business, as a mentor and coach and I have seen first-hand the negative impact that business and career success can have when it comes at a cost to physical and mental health and fitness.

I left my career in recruitment management in 2008 to set up and run my own business and that was the start of an incredible journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

I have since run a number of my own successful businesses, led and managed numerous teams and juggled life as a working mother, so I am very familiar with the challenges experienced by successful career and business women.

I am now hugely committed to educating and supporting successful business and career women who want to balance their success to include their physical and mental health and fitness, working with them to create the right changes and enabling them to surpass their expectations of themselves and supercharge their personal and professional wellbeing concurrently.

I am qualified in fitness, nutrition, NLP, life coaching and I’m also a Solution Focussed Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, giving me a range of skills and tools to address mindset and habit change, nutrition and fitness to enable my clients to achieve optimum health and wellness.

I have a unique style of working which creates long term, sustainable results, starting with accessing the motivation for change and then providing education and tools to make that change possible.

Because of this my clients receive a fully integrated and highly supported experience which enables them to gain strength in every aspect of their life and work: True success.

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