I was enjoying great success in my business, but physically, I was really struggling. I have had an autoimmune condition for years and since turning forty it had really started to affect me. I was overweight, suffering with aches and pains and brain fog, and generally lacked energy. I really missed my previous vibrant self! I knew I had to do something if I was to sustain both my business success and my sanity.

Whilst in the past I had been strong and relatively fit, I was really struggling to take control: to make good food choices, exercise appropriately and establish some balance in my life.

Fortunately, because my business requires me to hold people accountable and to help them achieve their business goals, I recognised that I needed someone to do this for me in this area of my life. Then I came across SMpower!

The POWER principles have transformed how I think, feel and live and I can honestly say that working with Sarah has changed my life. Her passion and energy and her genuine commitment to directing and supporting me to meet my goals (both on a physical and mental level) has been inspiring and I truly believe that I would not have achieved them without her.

Now, I am fitter and stronger. I sleep better, look better and I have the energy I had in my twenties!

If your success has come at a cost to your health and fitness and you’re struggling to see a way forward, contact Sarah now - you’ll be so glad you did!

Tamsen Garrie

Director, Mental Health In The Workplace

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