I knew mentally I was well, but felt that my physical health needed improving. I sit for many hours a day in my role as a psychotherapist and needed a trainer and coach who would help me to reach my full potential and meet my needs.

When I started I weighed heavier than I’ve ever done and at times I felt lethargic. Sarah has been a huge motivation for me and is happy to go at my pace being flexible depending on the day I’ve had and the session I need.

Yet, Sarah is not afraid to challenge or push me - this I feel is the perfect balance. Coupled with being educated on what exercises I need to do in order to strengthen and shape certain areas of my body, she’s advised me on nutrition and how this can relate to the hormonal changes woman of my age may face.

I don’t want it to stop! I’m feeling stronger and fitter. I no longer feel that the hours I spend sitting at work are detrimental to my physical health and strength as I know that I’ve worked hard that week on maintaining and improving my fitness levels. I am slimmer, stronger and more motivated. I’ve lost many inches and look and feel better in my clothes. I’m ready to embark on my month holiday to Australia.

I would absolutely recommend Sarah to anyone who may feel fearful of embarking on the changes they need to make to get more energy, become fitter and stronger and lose a few lbs! Sarah is kind, engaging, encouraging and just seems to ‘get it’. She knows her stuff and is always there to offer support both mentally and physically.

Trina Gazzard


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