Being fit & strong used to be about body fat  and eating 5 small high protein, low fat, low carb meals a day…

These days for me, it’s all about my wellbeing. It’s still very much about strength and fitness but my route to get there and mode of transport has changed.

As we get older, naturally our body starts to change physiologically and we can either go with it and listen to the whispers it’s sharing with us. Or we go against it and feel the pain of niggles and injuries, which the research tells us, are common in peri – post menopausal women, from shoulders to glutes. Or it might be foods we used to be able to eat that don’t serve us now.

I’ve spent the last 3 years or so really getting in tune with my hormones, working with them, not against them and figuring out what works for me to stay fit, healthy, and strong, with a body I feel good living in.

On the Fabulously Keto podcast Jackie and I talk openly about the value of balance and finding a place in your health you’re happy with, and more importantly, can sustain long term so it just becomes a way of life.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me, I love chatting about all things health and fitness, especially hormones!

You can find the Fabulously Keto Podcast here or listen below.

088: Sarah Matyjasik – Optimum Strength and Well-Being from a Bodybuilder

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