When we start any project, our motivation is usually high. We feel committed to getting in shape, reaching a business goal or learning a new skill. However, once that initial enthusiasm has worn off it can be difficult to sustain your efforts to reach your goal. If you are struggling to stay motivated to reach your goal find out what you can you do to ensure you give yourself the best chance of success.

1. Visualise the Big Picture

When you first set yourself a goal you have a clear picture of why you are doing it. Maybe it will be of benefit to your life personally, financially, health-wise or perhaps it is a step towards a much larger goal.

To keep your motivation high you need to keep the end result in the forefront of your mind. Goals which are written down have a much higher success rate and if you do this multiple times, maybe in your daily journaling, you will have a greater chance of sticking with it when you start to waiver. A vision board highlighting the end result can also be a huge motivator, especially when it’s placed where you will see it every day.

2. Schedule It

Your goal will need time spent on it, whether it’s workout time to reach a fitness goal, or time spent at your desk if it’s a business goal. Don’t leave this to chance because if it isn’t in your diary, the likelihood is that it won’t get done. As Brian Tracy advises in his book ‘Eat That Frog’ it’s vital to get your important tasks done first.

Therefore, schedule daily or weekly time to achieve your goals and make this non-negotiable, as ultimately the end result is going to be a big benefit to you – see point 1 ☺

3. Enjoy It

The more you can make achieving your goal fun, the more likely it is you will achieve it. Always look for how you can make it the best part of your day or turn it into a game and set mini-challenges within the bigger goal. If you constantly feel you are making small steps forward, it will keep your momentum high.

4. Track Your Progress

If you have broken your bigger goal down into smaller steps it becomes much easier to track your progress and forward momentum can be hugely rewarding and motivating.

Again this is why it’s important to write your goals down and then reg

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