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Working 121 allows the opportunity to customise your health, fitness & lifestyle goals. This is for you if you’ve lost your way with your lifestyle, your general wellbeing or experiencing peri or meno symptoms and want to find out how you can live with more energy and vibrancy.

You need the guidance, support and accountability from someone who’s been there before and is committed to helping you succeed. During this time, we identify what you want to achieve and why, so that you are motivated for action.


We create a plan of activities and habits from the underlying motive we discover, to enable you to make the necessary changes to feel energised and able to live and work at your optimum. When we know what we desire and have the ‘tracks to run on’ along with the support to keep us accountable to our goals, we fuel our intrinsic motivation to do what we need to do each day to succeed.

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The POWER programme lends itself well to a group of women discovering what it is that’s holding back their health, fitness or lifestyle goals from being achieved. Women who really benefit from this style of coaching, love being part of a group to share experiences, learn together and feel the progress they’re making collectively.

This is a 12 week programme,  6 coaching and training sessions allowing for a week in between to enable you to implement your learnings and track how you’re doing for the following session.


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We can start to experience stronger signs of hormonal changes from as early as our late thirties and these symptoms can quite simply be challenging! This group support is taking you through a series of training sessions, along with coaching support and group accountability.

We’ll be working on how to impact positive changes in our lifestyle and that includes our work/life/family & me time balance. Why our habits, our general health, stress levels, fitness and nutritional status are all key to managing the symptoms and living with more zest and vigour.


Interested in finding out how your lifestyle impacts your Peri to Post Meno years?

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What can I expect to achieve from this style of coaching?

What I hear from my clients is that they feel they now have a much better understanding of what I call their ‘conditions for success’. They feel more energised; they’re back doing things they’d forgotten how much they loved doing and are able to fit more into their day whilst reducing their stress levels and continuing to improve their health, fitness and vitality every day.

Whether they’re stressed at work, suffering from perimenopause or menopausal symptoms, weight gain, lack of fitness, sleep and fatigue or they’ve simply lost their way with loving their lifestyle whilst feeling full of energy, we put together a personal POWER plan to incorporate all aspects that are needed for their life and work balance to give them the feeling of strength and power to lead a fulfilling and passionate life regardless of what stage of life we’re at.

Having had several failed attempts over a decade or more to return to the high levels of good health and fitness I had maintained throughout my thirties, I had all but given up. I had started to convince myself that being out of shape, overweight, and having very low energy levels were just part of the ageing process, and at 56, I was no longer in a position to turn anything around. In stepped my husband, however, with the birthday present proposal of a block of coaching sessions with a Fitness & Lifestyle Coach….read more


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