Group Coaching – Services (Terms)

Thank you so much for deciding to join Sarah Matyjasik of SMpower for the IGNITE Power Group Coaching Programme. 

Congratulations on making the decision to take charge and put your health, fitness and wellbeing at the heart of your business and family life.

In order to bring the best of ourselves to this coaching programme and relationship, it is important we share an understanding about how we will work together.


We will work together with a commitment to enable you to get best results:

Group Coaching sessions

  • Fortnightly, (6 in total) there will be a 1 hour group coaching session via zoom on a module from the POWER programme. If you cannot make the session, it will be recorded and made available for you to watch via a link which will be sent out to all IGNITE attendees.

Facebook group

  • You will be added to a private Facebook group for the duration of the programme so that you have access to others who are going through the same programme as you. This is a great way to engage in a positive and fun community of women all starting on their health journey.  

One to One Coaching – VIP Package

  • There is the option to book one to one sessions with Sarah when purchasing the VIP option. They will need to be booked on commencement to ensure the dates are at the beginning, middle and end of the 12 weeks to enable you to gain maximum benefit from a more personalised approach with Sarah. 
  •  All other questions/contact will be in the Facebook group or on the live sessions.

I will always bring my best self, free from distractions, to every group coaching session and will always do my best to accommodate questions so you’re able to take action the next day. I respectfully ask that you’re also able to bring your best self free from any distractions to the session as this will hugely benefit you in the long run. 


Payment will be made as either a one-off payment through the website or a payment plan over 2 months by contacting  If a payment is missed the amount still owed for the course is then payable immediately.  If on a payment plan the amount will be taken on the date agreed by GoCardless.

  • The payments are non-refundable.


  • We are entering into a group coaching relationship and there is not, or ever will be, any kind of psychological counselling. The relationship is one of a group coach and mentor sharing knowledge, skills and lived experience.


  • An important part of the group coaching relationship is the coach’s role in finding challenges and encouraging the attendees to move forward. If I do or say anything that upsets you, please do let me know. I want to provide you with the support you need and believe that honesty and trust is critical for our relationship to flourish. I want this to be an open and safe place for you to come with confidence. Please do email me if you have anything you wish to discuss privately and not in front of the group.


You recognize that I will always have your best interests at heart and that with an open mind and a willingness to learn new things, put plans in place and carry out homework recommended, you can make life-changing strides in your goals. However, as with anything in life, there are no guarantees, your success is dependent upon the effort you put in outside of our sessions together, so no guarantees are made.


  • You recognize that the programme is based around group coaching sessions which will be recorded for attendees to catch up on. Anything you say or contribute in these sessions will be heard by the group of ladies on the programme. 
  • All materials are for your use only please do not share with anyone – if found to be in breach of this requirement by misuse of the content, legal remedy will be taken.


By using any part of this website, blogs, emails, newsletters, webinars, workshops, presentations or any other services or products, you signify your agreement to the below disclaimer points.

All the information on the site and any/all workshops, presentations, webinars, newsletters, programmes and products are for educational and informational purposes only and not intended to substitute informed medical advice. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or condition. 

Always check with your doctor and get confirmation before making any changes to health regime, diet, sleep or fitness.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information published on or through our website, emails, blogs, programmes, presentations, workshops and webinars however due to the nature of the health, fitness, nutrition and mindset industry and research, which is constantly evolving over time, we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of our content on or in blogs, emails, newsletters, webinars, workshops, presentations or any other services, products or programmes.

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