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Times are changing.  We are living longer and gone are the days when hitting 40 or 50 means that problems with health and fitness just go with the territory. 

Actually, for many women who have created success in their business or career, this is the time to take control of this area of their life and to focus on creating success in their health and wellbeing.

Delivered through one-to-one coaching, in an open workshop format, or through online group coaching sessions, the power programme addresses 4 areas that are key to this: Body, Brain, Nutrition and Nurture, in order to initiate and support sustainable change from within and follows the POWER Principles.

What are the Power Principles?


what your
end goal is
and your
reason for wanting it.

Stems from
our values.

Provides inspiration & motivation 


Being committed to and taking responsibility for your own outcomes.


Keeps us
glued to our goals


Recognising what might hold you back or get in the way of your success.

Awareness is crucial.

Enables us to overcome obstacles


Developing the required vitality for sustained emotional, psychological & physical health.

From many

Creates strength from within


Creating the The ability to withstand the stresses of modern day life. 

From many sources.

 Gives us spring-back ability

Clients have fed back that this process has enabled them to discover and tap into their personal motivation and to develop the knowledge, skills, confidence and plan to create sustainable results, making them stronger in every area of their life and work.

Private Coaching


One session 

power IGNITE

Four Sessions  


Ten Sessions )

What's INSPIRE about?

power INSPIRE is for you if you’ve lost your way with regards to your physical health and fitness, and need help to get inspired again, or if you want to ‘test the water’ before committing to on-going coaching.

During this time, we identify what you want to achieve and why, so that you are motivated for action and we create a plan of action to get you started. 

power INSPIRE leaves you with clarity about where you are heading, renewed inspiration and motivation and really importantly, the confidence to start to take control of your health and fitness.

What's IGNITE about?

power IGNITE is for you if you have both the passion and the drive to strengthen your mind and your body, but recognise that you need the  guidance of someone who has been there and is committed to your success.

We start with power INSPIRE and then meet fortnightly to plan and track your progress, overcome challenges and to keep you focused and on track.

power IGNITE leaves you with clear intention and purpose, a nutrition and fitness plan, renewed confidence and armed with the knowledge you need to build strength in every area of your life.

What's ENERGISE about?

power ENERGISE is for you if you are serious about long lasting change and want the certainty of knowing that you have the guidance and ongoing support of someone who has been there and is committed to your success.

We start with power IGNITE and then meet regularly each month to ensure that you accelerate your health and fitness results month on month.

power ENERGISE leaves you significantly fitter and stronger, with a high sense of achievement, coupled with the knowledge, ability and confidence to both sustain your new lifestyle and create even greater results.

If you want to wake up feeling energised and get the most out of every day…


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