‘Creating SuperPowers’

12 week group course



Have you found these symptoms day to day?


Weight gain


Anxiety or Feeling Frazzled


Mood Swings


Poor Quality Sleep


Hot Flashes/Peri & Meno Symptoms


Disordered Eating


No Time to Exercise


Low Energy


Simply Too Busy for Fun

Do you want to get on top of the constant peri and post menopausal symptoms that arise most days?

Do you feel now is the time to get the support to enable you to make the changes that really count? 

Do you want to Feel Energised and quite frankly Fabulous again?





Well, this is exactly what we tackle covering a wide range of interesting and exciting topics over 12 weeks together,

 layered with the POWER principles and using the STRENGTH model to ensure we develop and sustain more

 BALANCEWorking together is all about energising you and creating your SuperPowers, giving you the knowledge

and understanding of the female body and brain and how to optimise our female hormones for improved fat burning,

mental health, focus, clarity and mood stability and ultimately the ENERGY for you to achieve all the lifestyle goals you

truly desire alongside your successful day job, career or business.

What does ‘Creating SuperPowers’ involve?

I believe we all have SuperPowers both within in us and within our reach!

Discovering all the elements that make up our SuperPowers is where this 12 week course comes in! Getting to know who we really are NOW in the moment (not yesterday) because everyday we’re changing and we have the ability to be who we want to be, whether our thoughts and actions are limited or empowered – it’s completely our choice!

In these 12 weeks you will get to learn and grow

together with a community of like minded women all on their journey of discovery during this peri to post menopausal transition in life, which can last up to 10 years or more (because we don’t stop having hormones), where let’s face it, we most definitely FEEL different.

It’s important we work with our changing body and brain and the learn ways to optimise our health and wellbeing developing a wonderful quality of life, that takes us way in our future years, feeling energised, strong and empowered!

We will be delving into many fascinating and fabulous topics along our journey together there will be ongoing support to help you find your next key steps.

A Snapshot Of The Topics Covered

Nutrient Deep Dive
  • Vitamins, minerals and nutrients in our food
  • What a nutrient dense diet is doing for us
  • How to improve the quality of our food
  • The impact of nutrients on our hormones

And more…..


Sleep For Your Power
  • The impact of sleep on our hormones
  • How to create a sleep routine
  • Why sleep can make us eat more
  • Sleep and the impact on ageing

And more…..


Exercise Deep Dive
  • The impact of exercise on ageing
  • How exercise transforms our hormones
  • How to exercise for female fat burning
  • What are the best forms of exercise

And more…..


Discover your Happy Hormones
  • What influences our female hormones
  • Practical tools to put into action 
  • What lifestyle changes do we need to make
  • How to energise these hormones 

And more…..


Create Your Happy Body
  • Building self esteem and confidence
  • Our ever changing body
  • How can we help it for the better
  • Improving our self image

And more…..


Create Your Happy Brain
  • How to create more happy hormones
  • Key nutrients in food for the brain
  • How exercise impacts brain health
  • Key actions to add into your lifestyle plan

And more…..


Plan your SuperPowers
  • Getting to know your SuperPowers
  • Success comes from planning
  • Goal setting tools
  • Organising your success

And more…..

Delve Into Your Day
  • How to plan your day, month and year
  • Strategies to create your best lifestyle
  • How to prioritise your health & wellbeing
  • Tools for creating sustainable change

And more…..

You will learn about all aspects of female health and wellbeing, how you can can use the new knowledge to develop your own SuperPowers to create the lifestyle you have always longed for but didn’t know how to achieve.

You will learn so much about yourself, what you’re capable of achieving and how to not only live a more healthy peri to post menopausal lifestyle but to skip through these years with energy and zest, this is all about your journey of sustainable change.

 No more yo-yoing, better mood stability, weight management and energy. Overcoming fears and limiting beliefs, discovering weaknesses and how you got to where you are including creating new habits that will serve you on your journey, will all form part of the plan we create and put into action during our 12 weeks together.  

What you can expect, from your Group Coaching Course with ‘Sarah Matyjasik’ …

Got a question? Email me at sarah@smpoweronline.com or arrange a free chat to find out more..

Hi, I’m Sarah

I’m going to be your coach and mentor during our time together ‘holding your hand’ throughout your journey; while you’re making changes that support your healthier, fitter lifestyle and one that holds your health at the heart of your business, career and family success. 

I’m a wife and mum to 2 teenagers. When I set up my business 15 years ago I had left a job where I was working too many hours in an operational management role, juggling too many actions in my day to take care of myself or to be a great mum or wife.. 

I made sacrifices that I realised had left me feeling worn out and I knew something had to change! I made the decision to update qualifications and take some new ones all within health, nutrition, fitness and mindset and set up SMpower.

I’m passionate about inspiring and empowering other women who are like I was, feeling worn out, overweight, overwhelmed and not sleeping well, women who really want to make changes that would bring about a long term sustainable lifestyle that they choose. Enabling women to put health at the heart of their day.

I can appreciate the challenges you face, there are simple steps we can take together to guide you through ‘the one step at a time’ actions you need to take in your day, that begin to make you feel energised and fabulous again! 


I was lacking in motivation for doing any activity and in particular going to a gym and I felt as though I was stuck in a yo-yo state with my diet. These habits I’d gotten into weren’t helping me and I found that not being consistent with exercise or healthy eating had resulted in me feeling tired, unfit and not able to get a good night’s sleep.

Before meeting Sarah and being introduced to the power principles and subsequently being coached through the power programme, I didn’t know where to start…read more


Business Owner, Business Buddy

I was enjoying great success in my business, but physically, I was really struggling. I have had an autoimmune condition for years and since turning forty it had really started to affect me. I was overweight, suffering with aches and pains and brain fog, and generally lacked energy. I really missed my previous vibrant self! I knew I had to do something if I was to sustain both my business success and my sanity….read more


Director, Mental Health In The Workplace

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